are the basis for a perfect die cutting quality

Rotary die shells are the base material for cutting dies. A good base material demands uncompromising quality standards.

With this in mind, our Rotaplus® rotary die shells are manufactured layer by layer from European beech. The outermost veneer layers are positioned radially so as to afford the cutting linesoptimal hold and the best possible service life.

Each rotary die shell is coated to make sure that it remains dimensionally stable. By applying custom coatings you can also transform the rotary die shell into your advertising media. –Upon request, we will be pleased to coat your shells with your logo or company colours. If you have no special requirements regarding logo or colour, we will produce the shells with our Rotaplus® logo.

Each Rotaplus® rotary die shell is produced to customer specifications. It is upon you to define the coating, the radial length and more. Different radial lengths may be required depending on the fixing mechanisms of your laser system. We produce Rotaplus® rotary die shells in accordance with your needs.

Our shells can be manufactured with an interior diameter from 175 to 650 mm, allowing for the applicable tolerance.

Each Rotaplus® rotary die shell is provided with the production date stamped on the inner side, and the measured diameter written at the edges.