We produce the foundation for your success.

A personal consultation marks the beginning of every successful collaboration with our customers and business partners.

We produce flexible bed slats for bed underspringing systems, rotary die shells for cutting dies, surface veneers for seat shells and lightweight materials for a wide variety of applications. We maintain ongoing, direct contact with our customers and initiate series production in accordance with agreed specifications, often on an exclusive, per-customer basis.

Our raw material is wood. Wood is the only raw material that removes CO2 from the air on a long-term basis and is also able to store it in the product. Our production process begins with round timber. All production steps occur under our control, right up to the finished product.

Our employees lay the foundations for perfect quality. Wood is a natural product and demands expertise at every production step. Our techniques are specially adapted to the production process and enable us to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Every day, we do everything we can to maintain and expand our status as quality leaders – and we’ve been doing so since 1975.


We think in terms of product solutions – enthusiastic customers are our goal!

  • The way we work is shaped by the market
  • Our customers are our focus
  • Wood is our raw material
  • We work together with key people to realise ideas and products
  • We utilise technology to produce efficiently and at consistently high quality standards


Wood is the only raw material that removes CO2 from the atmosphere on a long-term basis.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and break it down into oxygen and carbon. This oxygen is then released into the atmosphere. The carbon remains bound in the trees – and thus also in any resulting wood products. The best thing of all is that wood is continuously renewable.

We peel veneers from the log. These thin layers of real wood are then glued together, either with all fibres in the same direction or alternating lengthways and crossways. In their glued state, veneers are placed in the press and moulded. Using rotary cut veneers maximizes the yield from the wood. High-quality veneers are used for plywood and plywood products. Residual stocks that cannot be processed into end products are used to provide process heat in the plant.

The optimal use of resources is important to us. In practice, this means sustainable management of sustainable materials and the production of products with a long product lifespan.

Wood is too precious to produce bad products. That is why, for decades, we have endeavoured to work sustainably with sustainable materials and to produce products that last.