for seat shells

Rotary-cut beech veneers are the perfect material for seat shells. Beech affords the end product high levels of tensile strength and resistance to pressure and bending.

With this in mind, we produce the surface veneer DUPLEX consisting of selected prime quality veneers glued to a cross veneer. This product is supplied to manufacturers of seat shells.

Advantages of Duplex:

  • Allows for perfect sanding of the double-glued veneer
  • Duplex rotary-cut beech veneer is sufficiently steamed to prevent peeling cracks
  • Pre-sorting based on quality standards means that 100% of veneers are suitable for  surface veneers. The laborious search for top-quality veneers is over
  • Even after lacquering, the seat shells maintain their perfect surface quality

We produce all standard Duplex seat shell formats. Please get in touch – we’d be happy to draw up an offer.