rotary die shells for the rotary die-making industry


Structure: selected beech veneer quality in all layers
secures dimensionally stable forming of the rotary die shells and facilitates optimum rotary die running
carefully glueing of each veneer sheet
guarantees the complete bonding of ROTAPLUS® without gaps (no defective bonding) and improves holding of rules in the die
the fibre sense of the veneer runs largely transverse to the axial direction, especially in the first and last veneer layers
thus the rules in the axial direction, which are subject to the greatest pressure during the cutting process, hold better in the die - high cutting performance is facilitated

Dímensional stability: uniform thickness across the entire rotary die shell
provides precise laser cutting
diameter within the permitted tolerance
from the basis for optimum quality and high rotary die performance
parallel axes
offer short setting times in the case of die changes 

both sides of the rotary die shell are covered with a film suitable for laser cutting
which reduces the direct absorption of moisture and ensures the stable shape of the rotary die
the coating provides a smooth surface coating -
surface free of sanding dust from shell processing and so rubber adhesion is improved
you have a free choice regarding the colours and LOGO on the coating
we secure the exclusivity of your choice of colours or LOGO and you are allowed to achieve a clear positioning among your customers

Technical information:  We produce the standard market dimensions.

diameter: 177 - 650 mm 
length: max. 3000 mm 
thickness: 13 mm (other thicknesses on request)

Radial length:
We either cut radially or tangentially according to your instructions:
curve height: -2 mm, 0 mm, +2 mm, +12 mm




The measured inner diameter is written on the inside  edge of  ROTAPLUS® (see x1).

The respective production date is stamped onto the inner side of the shell (see x2).


wrapped in plastic film on disposal pallets

Truck packing: vertical up to 2200 mm,
horizontal  from 2300 mm
Container packing: vertical up to 2100 mm,horizontal from 2200 mm



Please download here our brochure for "ROTAPLUS"®