Anatomic flexible bed slats

A synthesis of function and design


Depending on the body zone, the human anatomy makes differing demands on the travel of the flexible bed slats. The shape of the flexible slat decides its flexibility and support capacity.

YOU can redefine the shape of the flexible slat. We then turn your innovative idea into a top quality product.
With regard to bonding and statics, first class rotary-cut beech veneers are not subject to any limits.


Your innovative, special design

Our tangible exclusivity


We offer the production of prototypes for the testing of 0-series or the finding of decisions regarding optimum form.

Depending on the quantity, the seral production of anatomic flexible slats can take place on a one- or two-level basis. The quality of the anatomic slats corresponds with the top standard of our CLASSIC flexible bed slats.

The exclusivity of your idea and design represents our number one priority.