aerowood light                                  aerowood compact

The trend towards lightweight solutions is unbroken. Regenerative materials without any carbon footprint will be the future materials. The woodprocessing company Sperrholzwerk Schweitzer GmbH from Austria will present at the interzum a patented light-weight board made of wood and air - aerowood®. This light-weight panel is made of 100% wood coming from the region.

aerowood® light-weight board can be used for any application requiring low weight and high stability. The big advantages of aerowood® are that the user gets the usual flexibilty in his daily production process:
- free formatabel without any raster
- when setting screws or when gluing edges no additional working steps or materials are needed

The production process of the aerowood® core is a world novelty. The aerowood® core consists of rotary wave cut veneer which is crosswise glued to panels. According to functional requirements aerowood® light-weight panel will be produced 'light' or 'compact'.
In the version aerowood® 'light' the corrugated structure is horizontally throughout the whole core. This structure gives on the one hand high flexural strengths and on the other hand the air within the wave channels gives very low weight.
The version aerowood® 'compact' will be used for high compact requirements like construction applications. The waves will be turned vertically and so aerowood® compact is characterized by high pressure load and very good power dissipation.

Optional customer's desired cover and decorative layers can be pressed framelessly onto the self-supporting aerowood® core.

As easy and yield optimizing aerowood® light-weight board is throughout the application for processing, so it is resource-efficient in its own production. The resulting mountains and valleys when peeling the wave veneer form the air channels within the aerowood® -core. Consequently from 1 m³ wave veneer will be generated 1,4 m³ core material for aerowood® light-weight board.